Happiness is YOU



There are some people in the world without emotions , without care , love . They live their lives in a concept of  “what benefits you have for me” and so equally he will help you. Even families and friends; actually there is no such bond . If we are cousins and I don’t have anything to give you then there is basically no need for you to visit me at hospital when am are sick . I have seen people like that & worst,  I have seen a whole community like that. Barbarian ! They only live searching for the food today. No love , no childhood and eventually no happiness. We’re lucky however, that such world is limited.

Few months back I was sick ,very sick . And the care I saw in the people around me , the love I saw in their eyes ; made me consider what happiness really is ?

Happiness lies in the family and friends and the bond of love between them . That can never break .  You find them supporting , holding hands , hugging and most of all telling you that ” Everything will be alright “.

It’s a blessing to have people you can call ” These are my family and friends”  . Whether  you lost someone in your life or no. To have one member who represents the world to you is enough . Life goes on. Enjoy the moment  and search for what makes you happy . If you look around ; you will find happiness in the face of playing child, in the shining sun, in the flowers and in the old man’s smile who says “Hello” . It’s like the old game that we use to play as kids ; the game when we use to search for happy things around. Play it now as an adult  and search for what makes you happy. Deep inside you know it’s there.

Be Happy




A Short Word

What we want and what we wish are not always what we get. But what we get can certainly be what we can like . It’s after all , about Satisfaction with a mixture of Acceptence .

So if you wish to wish a Wish .. Just wish with convinced mind and heart. Even though it don’t come true ; don’t be upset for the good is still long to come.





Here another year comes . 2009 is gone and became nothing but a history . A friend once told me :

” The 2009 book has now been closed, we cannot re-write it, but we can definitely read it and learn from our past history (Yes it is part of our History now!).

The first page of the 2010 book is waiting “

That book is closed now.. and i don’t wanna remember it . Yea its gone but with pain , with tearsthat won’t ever dry up. It was a hard time and hard days they left me scars that won’t heal . 2010 started and i couldn’t smile .But now i wanna do this in a different way . I want this year to be better , i want to accomplish more and gain myself back .

The year has already started and only God knows what it hides. Let’s just pray that it won’t carry more pain because i can’t take any more . And am not as strong as when this journey started. It took alot of me .

I hope this year brings me good surprises , I really wish that things change. I wish i find the love and the dreams that i have longed for.

Always and only ,


Quotes Of the Week

“I am not concerned that you have fallen / I am concerned that you arise. ”   Abraham Lincoln

” You’re alive . Do something . The directive in life , the moral imperative was so uncomplicated. It could be expresssed in a single words, not complete sentence . It sounded like this : LOOK , LISTEN , CHOOSE , ACT . ” Barbara Hall

 Faith is believing what you know ain’t so – Mark Twain

” I’ve dreamt in my life dreams that have stayed with me ever after, and changed my ideas; they’ve gone through and through me, like wine through water, and altered the color of my mind.” – Emily Bronte

” It’s better to have loved and lost
   Than never to have loved at all. ”   Tennyson

” Not all who wander are lost.”  JRR Tolkien



Friendship Day

A Friend Is Someone

A friend is someone who…

Is concerned with everything you do. Is concerned with everything you think.
Calls upon during good time. Calls upon during bad time.
Understands whatever you think. Understands whatever you do.
Tells you the truth about yourself. Knows what you are going through all time.
Refuses to listen the gossip about you. Supports you all the time.
Does not compete with you.

 Genuinely happy for you when things go well.