Tomorrow was Beautiful

A friend from the Kaizen teachings wrote once “Tomorrow was Beautiful “  ; and there I told him that there is a grammatical mistake in that ; instead it should be “ Tomorrow IS beautiful “ . He proved me wrong and he said that the more we try to program ourselves that tomorrow was beautiful it eventually turns to be so. It’s all a matter of inner unconscious mind and we thus conduct in our actions.

Kaizen means “ Continuous Improvement “ , continuous self improvement is what we all need. For example ; try extending you exercise hours , develop a new healthy eating habits or even helping someone to learn something new. These are all ways to help improve yourself and the list is still going.

Let’s go back to “ Tomorrow was beautiful “ … I was up today and I wanted to make this day a beautiful day , whatever hard situation I faced ; I took  the positive part of it . None depressed me . Because I made it in my mind that it’s going to be a beautiful day !! And so it was.  Things happen for a reason though we might not see those reason at the mean time but they exist & you should be satisfied however.


So from now on let’s adopt the habit of saying in each night :

“ Tomorrow was beautiful “