Here We Meet…

This is a short short story about a girl named Hana she was abandoned by her father when she was only 5 years – before joining primary school . She lived and she never knew her father ever. Her mother was everythign around . She grew up studied hard , graduated , joined university , and even worked . Yet never met that unknown father ; that she in fact carried his name but never really carried her.

She had birthdays , her tears , her parties , her joy and her life without him being around . And now when she is turning 25 years ; she will meet him again .  Yea , after 20 years ! what it feels like to that kid is just undescribed !

What if feels when people meet Hana when she was a kid and say , ” Oh ! she just looks like her dad ! ”  A dad she never say but people kept telling her that. And the older she gets the more she sees of her father in herself . People use to look at her and say, ” Your father must be proud of you .” while she smile and moved on becasue her father never even knew her to be proud of her !!

I would call this , one of life mysteries … or simply life !