Review on: Tuesdays with Morrie for Mitch Albom

Tuesdays With Morrie

Mitch Albom

It’s a story about life and for knowing life. As it says in the cover  ” Life’s greatest lesson “ .

The story is about Morrie Schwartz , a professor at Brandeis University . After being diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ) , a no cure disease and knowing that he is dying ; he started sharing his life with the people and to give them all that he knows and experienced in life. Being in TV show , accidently one of his favorite student who was going through a hard time in his career and life ; saw him . This former student who had felt guilty for not keeping in touch after graduation starts dropping visits to his teacher .  And so they started meeting every Tuesday to talk about certain things . They talked about death , growing old , money , family , forgiveness , culture and marriage . Morrie said that when people die , they don’t really die but they stay alive in our heart because that’s how love goes on . As  “ Death ends a life not a relationship. ”

In a beautiful account he teaches us many lessons of life , things we don’t learn in high school . But from people , people who are older than us , who lived and been through a lot . They stare with us their experience so that we can learn from it and live life as we should before it’s too late.

I highly recommend you to read it;  to everyone who really wants to  have a reason to live. To love life .

“The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love and how to let it come in .”

Pg: 52

Tuesdays with Morrie





When we lose something we can never replace. Sometime all that you wished for is to be happy . We live in trying to achieve that. Thinking that the world will help us conspire it; but unfortunately we forgot that it doesn’t really go the way we want. Beautiful ending and fairy tales is not in the real life because simply this is not a story. We love and we lose them , we try hard and we fail , we dream and it becomes nothing but  mere dream.

I remember ones being HOPE …but that Hope is no more alive because life have knocked her many times down. She used to get up always and fight again but when the last time life let her down , it took her very precious secret behind her Hope . It took her heart down ;  ever since Hope never came up again . She got nothing more… Nothing to dream for ; no one to love and no heart .

Have you ever felt that you are so useless in life … of no point and of no aim .  At some point in your way ; you would get such thoughts ? But when you do ; just never listen to them believe in you heart .

Nothing remains but ashes .

And so the story of my life ends here.

Always And Ever,


Words For Dad


He’s gone ; to start with whether it’s true or not. Whether I don’t want to believe it or not. He’s gone !! My Father died on 12th March 2013. He was bringing me security , hope and knowing that he is alive & breathing brought me pleasure even if I didn’t see him or even if we were distant apart. It was always like a dream to meet him and know him , hug him ; finally when I did that , finally when my dream came true he dies . He left me after knowing him for one year.

“Father , do hear me now ? Am here beside you and I will always be. “
This I told him as I was holding him . I stayed with him every second until he let my hand until tears came down my face. In a moment he just took a deep breath and all at once his eyes looked up , I wanted to feel his pulse . I was shivering putting my fingers on his neck to feel the carotid pulse but there was nothing, I pressed it hardly and yet there was nothing . I held daddy’s wrist to feel the pulse and there nothing too. I kept crying and starting doing CPR … I shouted for Ampu Bag to oxygenate him … everything went fast. They pulled me back and the doctor came and cleared him death. There were many people in the room . I couldn’t breathe . I ran irrationally outside to the garden …. I kept running , and running , running until I got so far and fell down crying . My big brother came later as everyone was searching for me . And I went back to dad room . I wiped my tears closed his eyes , starting praying for him and sat down lying on him . It was silent now everyone was out of the room ; it was only dad and me just as I always wanted to be him; just him and me !
I couldn’t just let him go ; Probably I wasn’t ready to accept it . Not even now when three weeks passed . As if he was yesterday here with me and now he’s not. I can’t imagine it . I can’t and I won’t !
A friend once told me that people don’t just leave us . They stay alive with us in our heart and in everything around us . He’s never gone ; he’s still here inside me.

Among all my sisters ; they use to say that I looked most like dad and I do . Whenever I look in the mirror I see him right there staring at me . And when every I smile ; he’s there in me .. and everything I do is just like him . The stubborn , hopeful , happy person. But I guess I can’t be happy as I was ; as he was ; not anymore.

Something inside me is gone; something is lost and you can’t replace that . No one can replace it . And the lonely I feel is nothing to describe in words.

When you are still stuck in that moment and you can’t wake up . It’s all over now. Because he’s gone . He took with him every beautiful thing in my life. He was the only dream that came true in my life.

I love you Dad, I will always do so…

Allah Yerhamek ya Abby !!


And So I had Cancer


I use to read in books that disease don’t differentiate between young or old; but now when I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 25 I believed that fact.

I am the only son for my parents and I am the big brother to one little sister. Since the age of 10 and I became orphan as my father died of the same disease. Now , I inherited it.  It’s not cancer that I fear but it’s how my family will be without me. Being the only one who takes care of my old mother and my little 12 years old sister. How would they live without me ?

I wonder why doctors say that early detection of cancer can help save life. When the truth is you don’t know you have cancer unless it’s metastasized to other organs. Which is what  happened to me?  As the symptoms didn’t show and I wasn’t diagnosed until too late to intervene.  The fact of cancer is that you don’t have time ; you don’t have time to decide nor to take a breath . In a moment you might be alive and tomorrow – no one knows .

People and family looks in a sympathetic way , while doctors want a fast reply about your decisions and your friends everyone gives an opinion or  not to go for surgery others say ” Yes do it ! “.   I got confused and to some point I didn’t what to do nor who to guide me . Whatever it was ; it has to be done fast.  Meanwhile ; the image of my father when he was suffering after the he undergone multiple surgeries was haunting me .

I use to hear nurses saying in empathy how unlucky I was ! Being a handsome young man and having cancer. Everything is destiny . Before we were born our lives were written, I am Muslim , and I believe in Allah and that He would guide me and be the most merciful .

So that day the doctor was waiting a reply from me whether I agreed for surgery or no. I made a prayer and then I agreed. Whatsoever the consequences could be !  And if either ways we are dying ; I want to die trying .


” There are always a wings of hope “


Some Statistics:

–          Around 12.7 million new cancer cases were diagnosed worldwide in 2008.

–          The most commonly diagnosed cancers worldwide are lung, breast and colorectal cancers. The most common causes of cancer death are lung, stomach and liver cancers

–          Approximately 70% of cancer deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries.

–          One in 4 deaths in the United States is due to cancer.

–          The rate of death in cancer has also been increased in 2010


Sources of the statistics :

Someone died …

Someone died the other day at work…. She was wonderful patient , a wonderful old lady, that was so polite and so strong and with such an inspiring faith. She had diabetes, Congestive heart disease, hypertension , kidney failure on dialysis and she was 75 yrs old. She was so tired and so sick but whenever you see her she kept smiling and everyday she lives as if she is gonna live forever. She lived with her heart and kept moving with her soul .


She was admitted as she started having severe Ischemic leg disease.. where both legs might be amputated, she went to different hospitals and they all had one opinion which is- there is no hope of surgery so let her live the rest of her life peacefully, there was no need to shorthen it … her heart can’t stand the anesthesia . But unfortunately somehow , and i don’t know from where , but she heard of a smart doctor ( as she described him ) in our hospital , a vascular surgeon who can do a bypass surgery and save her legs. He explained to them nicely about all the procedure and how he is going to do it. He looked so bright to them and he had all the facilities and assured them. The only problem is that he is one of the doctors whose patients end up dead after surgery. How ! no one knows he’s just not lucky and he’s known for the high number of  failed surgeries he has done. And the relative never knew this fact.  And I am not allowed to tell this to a patient , nor am not allowed to tell this about a colleague. I might be sued and lose my job.  But i told her daughters indirectly and so is another doctor ; she just never got it.

And he did the surgery , she went to the ICU but she woke up  .. and after one day he told them that he will do another surgery to fix it . But she never woke up after that.

I understand that in my job i would see many people going out of it … but what kills me is that , i take part of the responsibility in her death. It kills to be in a world where you can’t say the truth , where you kill people instead of saving them. I feel so guilty and what hurts the most is that i couldn’t do anything . Maybe her time came to leave this world; but maybe i could have made her go smiling instead of going through all that in such age.

I just wonder what would have been if that surgery wasn’t done . She came walking and now she’s gone. Rest in peace !

Never Gone

Today i remembered the quote of Jack Lemmon when he said , ” Death ends a life, not a relationship. ”

It’s the second anniversary of my friend’s mother death. And it’s so strange how life passed by very fast… those two years passed and she was not around. This only proves one thing; that days run faster than we do and before  we even look around we find someone dear gone ; and while having our dinner we might not know that this could be our last. Death takes away the most important people in your life. The sound of her words , her laughter , her warmth and the song she sang and her smile  … I know that life is never going to be the same without her around.

Many people may go during our life; we may lose family, friends and colleagues . We may lose children …. But that’s the most important time that we need to hang on and stay strong. Because our loved ones would never like us to be sad. Would want us to go on in our lives and work. Would want us to smile but never forget them .

You lost your mother, I lost a father , he lost a brother , she lost a son – and yet we lived and yet we are living  , and we did the best that we could  .In a moment you may think that this could be the worst thing that may happen to you . But they live inside our hearts. A Life is taken away but another is granted within us. They go away but they breathe in us. It’s always fine to cry and feel sad but not for long;  for you have more days to live , more days to live happily than to cry.

They remain in us living and they are always part of us. Never gone but alive .

May their souls rest in Peace … and May they find Happiness where they lie.

Those we love don’t go away,
They walk beside us every day,
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
Still loved, still missed and very dear.
– Anonymous