The question is not why we are trying to forget ? It’s why they want to be remembered ? Why we are remembering them ?

People come and go in our life. They may go for different reasons , sometimes they even die. We cry a day , two , three , months maybe … but eventually we try to forget and move on . Whether it’s how the nature of human being is or because we really can’t move on without forgetting; the fact is that we will move on.

They occupied a large place in our hearts; it’s hard to just let go when we thought that they are everything we have . They can’t demand us to just forget and move on. Because oblivion is not about wiping those memories , those moments ; it’s just accepting that some people are not meant to be in your future for whatsoever reason . And there comes a time in your life that you will realize that everyone played a role in making your personality ; they somehow teach us something even in their absence.

A 13 years old, Helen , kept crying the death of her father for days; that she grieved him so badly . But she had to go to back to school , she had to continue her studies , graduation , work , marriage ; yet she never forgot the love of her father and she visited his grave weekly.

When Thomas went into depression and isolation after he broke up with his beloved Jane; things seemed like the end of the world to him . She had to marry another rich guy her family chose ; simply because Thomas wasn’t still ready. A pure love but never ended happily like in stories. Now we all thought Thomas would break down as no one has loved Jane the way he did but he didn’t ! He rose up even more stronger ; wiped his tears though it took time – few months to accept the fact ; but he did move on.

It’s not about forgetting them . As not Helen nor Thomas will forget. But they have to know that we have to live with it .

The more you keep saying I will forget , I will forget .. the more it stays in your mind . All you have to just say is “ You can’t ever forget it ; they were and they will be part of who you are “

Moving on doesn’t mean you forgot them .