Goodbye 2011


Yesterday it was raining . Today it’s sunny. Yesterday was hard time , today it ends. Yesterday they were with us …today they are gone. Yesterday we use to cry and today it’s over. Yesterday was disappointments ; today is another chances. Yesterday was despair;  today is hope. Yesterday was a defeat while today is the overcomes.

What happened this year is somehow is different and special ; it could even be painful to some of us . But most of all is that it’s over and went . Whatever happened will never happen again & whatever we lived we’re not going to live again. But nevertheless, it left inside us something ; whatsoever it is . It left us something unique . An experience , an emotions or even a lesson .

Two Thousand Eleven – is now only a past . What’s ahead is a mysterious could be scary could be good but either ways we have to live it . Two Thousand Twelve – 2012 a year to come . A year to live . A new hope , a new dream , a new wish and a new start. To keep aside whatever caused harm and make a new beginning in a brand new year.

Let’s try to not make it just an add to your age but a life to live . Let’s try to share the happiness and create a smile in the face of those who really matters. Guess what ! since you made it this year;  you’ve got the opportunity to correct things and plant a new tree.

Goodbye 2011 … and thanks for that you gave me. For the pain & suffering that made me stronger, for the laugh and smile that me stand again . For the disappointments that brought overcomes . For the tears that took a lot of me . Thanks for everything  and as every year and no matter how bad things goes; I will keep wishing for a Happy New Year to come. And I will always be waiting for that .