Love .. The Dream

Everyone would like to meet their soul mate; their love of the life at one moment. However, when that happens , they would hold on it firmly and never let go.

The beautiful spring starts , the endless love, the captivating words that makes you forget the world, the people and the days . Everything around us becomes pointless but that one person … That one love ! Their words makes us alive for the first time . Lifts our soul higher , their hands around us , the warmth , the kiss , the hug; that particular person that made us known after we were invisible.

Love is nothing alike , no one can describe it by words . It’s just feelings . Strong feelings that we carry deep in our hearts . Somehow it makes our hearts pump harder. It’s a silent touch , a look . It’s something that all at once without you even realize . Yes, without you even notice ; that person becomes everything for you and you are in love with them . Whether it’s wrong or right to express it and say it . Whether the consequences are not good . Regardless of all that , at that moment of love we all become greedy and want more of love. Forgetting the pain that it may cause . You may wonder how can love be painful . Well ! it is . It can become so devastating and desperate .

Love is not just words – It’s care , commitment , honesty , sacrifice , friendship but out of all it’s the most beautiful gift you can ever get . When love s so pure it can really overcome all obstacles that’s what movies thought us , but it seems real life is nothing like movies . So , when it’s just impossible for it to last- it’s broken. The hopeless fact is that nothing is ever complete . It’s even harder to carry on especially when you’re sure that this person was the right person .

Life goes on . We wash our face and wipe our tears . But we can’t forget ; we’ll never forget that special touch . We go back to our loneliness as we sit at the beach watching the sunset, watching the end of what wasn’t .

We wake up from the most amazing dream , love . And we have nothing but their words with us … their words.

Always ,




Happiness is YOU



There are some people in the world without emotions , without care , love . They live their lives in a concept of  “what benefits you have for me” and so equally he will help you. Even families and friends; actually there is no such bond . If we are cousins and I don’t have anything to give you then there is basically no need for you to visit me at hospital when am are sick . I have seen people like that & worst,  I have seen a whole community like that. Barbarian ! They only live searching for the food today. No love , no childhood and eventually no happiness. We’re lucky however, that such world is limited.

Few months back I was sick ,very sick . And the care I saw in the people around me , the love I saw in their eyes ; made me consider what happiness really is ?

Happiness lies in the family and friends and the bond of love between them . That can never break .  You find them supporting , holding hands , hugging and most of all telling you that ” Everything will be alright “.

It’s a blessing to have people you can call ” These are my family and friends”  . Whether  you lost someone in your life or no. To have one member who represents the world to you is enough . Life goes on. Enjoy the moment  and search for what makes you happy . If you look around ; you will find happiness in the face of playing child, in the shining sun, in the flowers and in the old man’s smile who says “Hello” . It’s like the old game that we use to play as kids ; the game when we use to search for happy things around. Play it now as an adult  and search for what makes you happy. Deep inside you know it’s there.

Be Happy






Farewell My Friend

It was beautiful as long as it lasted
The journey of my life.
I have no regrets whatsoever
save the pain I’ll leave behind.
Those dear hearts who love and care…
And the strings pulling at the heart and soul…
The strong arms that held me up
When my own strength let me down.
At every turning of my life I came across good friends,
Friends who stood by me,
Even when the time raced me by.
Farewell, farewell my friends
I smile and bid you goodbye.
No, shed no tears for I need them not
All I need is your smile.
If you feel sad do think of me
for that’s what I’ll like when you live in the hearts
of those you love, remember then
you never die.

– Rabindranath Tagore

Would You Be Part Of Me ?

Would you be my Soul ?

Would be my eyes?

of which I see the world 

Would you share my life ?

and bring the joy within.

Would you teach me how to love?

With you by my side

Would you make me smile?

and brighten my days.

From darkness of saddness

and tears of the years.

For with you I lay my heart

And with you I want to die


Would you be part of me ?

Would you give a gentle touch to my life?

Would you  trust me with your love?


Believe me ,


A Birthday Wish


A year passed today .. and another one is ahead. 

There I went to the only place where I run to when i want to beon my own; the sea . I sat at teh beach facing the darkness of the night  while the moon lighting the world around me. There was no one but me . I wanted to be myself for a minute . I wanted to recall things and think about the next step in my life. The last year wasn’t that big and every incident that I have lived went right infront of me .. When that flash back started, i could see nothing but that pain .. and those people that i lost- or in proper term – they lost me .

Yea ! It’s my birthday today and i almost forgot that i don’t have to cry ; but that was involuntary. When you loook at the world and how it drags us .You would understad what i mean .Since the day i was six and i knew that there was something wrong . I never felt that i belonged in here nor anywhere. As if i was in a story and am the hero ; who will die at the end . Or a movie that has no end .

Nothing seems to be real . And what hurts the most is that you are living it alone. A family that aren’t yours and a friends that don’t exist , a whole life that is not there. Parents that have abandoned you way before you come to life.And loved ones that may enter your life , but they can’t because they fear it . A fear of being lost like i am .

Life , life , life . I keep saying nothign is worth it .And that tomorrow is a better day but tomorrow comes and nothign changes.

I know i am dreaming but why i can’t wake up . Nothing makes any sense. I close my eyes so hard in hope to wake up when i open them, but am still here and it’s still here. Am i even alive , maybe am dead .

I just wanted to know who i am ? I just want to be found .

Yea!   It’s my birthday and i have to make a wish .

I wish i never was there . I wish i don’t exit . I just don’t want to live anymore in pain .  I want to wake up co’z i really fear to face the future.




Is it Friendship or Love ?

There are moments in our lives that we can’t hide our feelings. Situations that requires truth and courage. Moments that all you need to do is JUST SAY WHAT’S IN YOUR HEART. Don’t bother much about how things may go, but be happy that deep inside you said it.
We all have friends, close friends that we can’t imagine how our life would have been without them around. Close friendship is a very strong relationship and it lasts for a life time. He\ she is the one you go to when you’re sad. The one that carries all your burdens. The one that makes you smile, you laugh together, hang out together and enjoy together. You talk about everything; all types of secrets, your problems and even your love stories. But what happens when your friend tries to ruin your love story and your date. When your friend becomes jealous and they hide their feelings which are obviously more than friendship, you saw something intimate in their eyes.
There are such moments when friendship becomes love. But what I try to question in here is not the relation but what to do next. Are you going to say what’s in you heart?
You may consider not talking and just keep the silence for you don’t want to lose that friend or you may slowly step back and go away simply because you can’t that feeling of incapability anymore. Or you may say it and share with them the fact that you are in love and take the consequences whether good or bad.
Regards ,