Would You Be Part Of Me ?

Would you be my Soul ?

Would be my eyes?

of which I see the world 

Would you share my life ?

and bring the joy within.

Would you teach me how to love?

With you by my side

Would you make me smile?

and brighten my days.

From darkness of saddness

and tears of the years.

For with you I lay my heart

And with you I want to die


Would you be part of me ?

Would you give a gentle touch to my life?

Would you  trust me with your love?


Believe me ,



A Short Word

What we want and what we wish are not always what we get. But what we get can certainly be what we can like . It’s after all , about Satisfaction with a mixture of Acceptence .

So if you wish to wish a Wish .. Just wish with convinced mind and heart. Even though it don’t come true ; don’t be upset for the good is still long to come.



A Nightmare

We live in the  hearts of those whom we love and when we feel like losing them ; it kills us from inside.

We love and we lose whom we love ; we die .   

I thought life was running so fast . I thought there are things that we can’t enjoy . Other times you want it to move and it goes slower than you ever felt. The future is always unpredictable . Yet we try hard to make it better.  

To me; life was always meaningless and nothing could add any more to it. Now it only proved that it brings only more pain and more tears. We end up carrying our burdens in our shoulders . When it gets to heavy we fall apart and collapse . It takes everything in us , that it even takes our emotions with it. It’s never easy when it happens to you. Watching it happens to others was nothing.. but seeing it happen to you was painful . Now I can I say  , “ I understand your feelings”  when I  see a person is losing someone ,  I can say it like I really mean it .

Two weeks  ago, when my sister was in the ICU between life and death . I really felt that I lost everything… I couldn’t imagine it was happening in front of me . I couldn’t imagine it was real. But it happened, and I was there right be her side in every moment . I was there when she was asleep and when she was awake.. I was there when the doctors said that they might consider other options if she don’t wake up. I was there and said , “ She will wake up ”It wasn’t easy … and it’s not something you pass by every time.

We fly away to be what we want and grasp on whatever tiny hope we have. To come back to our lives – we fight for what we believe is ours … we cling on the smallest trace that could make a difference . They use to say that life is a mystery but I think that it’s more like cliff that’s going to take us all down .  Getting up became not that easy . But someone I did  and that experience left me a strange feelings and made me a different person. I leant more than I ever thought in these past two week.

It was a nightmare .. and I woke up .I try to say it never existed but it did.  Everything is gone and my sister is back again. Even if I try to forget it I can’t simply because I met great people that stood beside me and I made a new family and new friends and new brothers .

Thanks for everyone who stood by me during this .