What Nursing Gave Us ?

A year passed just very fast. I didn’t notice that i was a nurse all that period. Maybe i wasn’t planning to stay as one for a long time – nor i was expecting to survive this period ; but I did !  I have seen alot , and  I have met many people . I can even remember each and every patient i had … some left me a wound that never heals and others left me an ever lasting smile .

When life takes away the most dear thing to your heart… make sure that it’s preparing you a lovely surprise. 

Nursing is the power to heal , the power to create whats lost within those patients , and the power to make them die peacefully . It’s never eacy to go through such emotions in a time – what if you go to work everyday and seeing this !  It could really be devastating…. but after all that’s what we do . And day by day we learn how to cope with it. Until one day it becomes a routine ; your patient might be dying and when your shift finishes , there might be your son’s birthday party waiting . We try to hold our tears , to control our emotions, and to put ur work aside and our life aside. Thus , life goes on .

We read through their eyes, we understand there pain but we can never feel their pain . We show empathy but never the sympathy . We hold their hand and rub their tears … we sing for them and so keep their strength . We give them what they might have lost until they recover and leave us smiling .