Moments You Wouldn’t Wish To Be A Nurse !!!

–  When you meet a 15 years old kid with a CRF ( Chronic Renal Failure ). He’s so cute and is smiling while you are taking a blood specimen .
–  When a 2 years old girl is kept NPO ( NOTHING PER ORAL ) and is crying for water. All I can give her as a nurse is a sips of water to wet her mouth and lips .
– When you meet a 24 years old young man diagnosed with a metastatic cancer spread all over his body . And you know he is not going to make it , but you still keep smiling and ask him ” Are you a fan of Real Madrid or Barcelona “, he smiles and replies “Am with Barca and we won yesterday the Claccico “
– When you see a mother coming every morning for her young daughter who has a congenital birth defect and she comes every morning for the last 14 years.
–  When a patient is  dying . All the family around are crying and there is nothing you can do  .
 dying patient
–  When a patient dies in your shift and you are the one covering him .
–  When a patients comes in complaining from a severe headache and doctors finds out that he has a malignant tumor in the brain .The patients then asks you  “Nurse what do my results show , what’s wrong with me ?” You can’t tell him because doctors restricted that until the relatives come and they talk to them first .
–    When a patient comes with a 2nd degree burns all over his arms and chest .I was curious about how it happened and why he didn’t run away from the fire …… when I looked around his room I saw a wheelchair near the bed.. The patient was on wheelchair on two years from a car accident.
–  When you one work in a cancer control centre and everyone that comes from patients , doctors, nurses and visitors  are all sad and depressed . I wondered ” Is it the cancer that have the people or the people who have cancer .”
–  When you meet a worker in the causality with an amputated leg  and is having am infection in the site . He can’t afford the treatment yet he was smiling and talking to me.
 cancer cchild
– When you meet a 9 years old pretty girl coming to receive a chemotherapy session.
Not everything that we meet in the hospital we can talk about. And by the end of the day you will feel so upset and filled with melancholy . You might not sleep and you may say this is the worst day in my work . But you go home and you sleep deeply , you may go out with you friends to have fun . And the next day comes and another sad day may come.
This is life .. and thappy patienthis is became part of our life and we adjust and move on. Because beyond all this sometimes we are able to bring the smile to those faces and we able to change things.  And about that worker with the amputated leg , we the nurses were able to collect the needed money for his medications and he received the health care required. And so is the end of the stories above some are sad end others are not .