Lost Words

Dear ,

Dear everyone , everyone who reads this , everyone who passes by , everyone who has known me , or has been acquainted by. Everyone who hated me or wished me death . Everyone who never met me .

Everyone who loved me truly .

Just to everyone in this world , ” Am so hell sorry ! “

Living alone and dying alone , wondering how it ended up like this . I can’t but i wish ….. It wasn’t suppose to happen . It shouldn’t …. But it all went away.

It all started years back when i couldn’t let go – It exploded

Maybe I was suppose to bear more

Maybe I was suppose to hang on more

Maybe I was wrong

Maybe it wasn’t over as I thought

Maybe I was to die then


Somehow , the movie ended and I became the black sheep . Am confused and I don’t know how to fix anything .

I wish I ………….

But there’s no use for I lost everything . I always knew that I was in some way weird and cursed .

Nothing was right , Nothing was ever right .

Who am I ? or what’s wrong ?

I need another story .

With love ,


Can’t let go …

Have you ever wondered of those moments that you want to get back ? Just to do the right thing.. or to live it again. Have you found it hard to let go what happened in the past ?  Have you sat in the present with tears filling your eyes of  how did you let that go ? Have you seen things that reminded you of how weak you were ?

Moment like this we get acquainted to , and it’s really hard when you think that you have learnt how to let go and that you’re happy moving on; but suddenly you found out that you were wrong and you didn’t really move on – instead you kept in your heart silently and you never truly let go .

It’s kills you from inside … Yet We can’t stop the feeling and we can’t also move on . So whats the solution ! I myself don’t know and i thought that i could fine answers from others with experience  .

Past is to forget and future is to go ahead .. while the present is the connection that we live . But why is things going upside down. Past is going over and over again , future is not coming anymore and present brings only more tear .

We try to believe  in  driving forward and having goals.. but everything collapses  and you can’t make it . You look too small and you give up and you can’t move on anymore.

We lose our spirit of living , our soul of hope and our dreams of tomorrow . We feel so tired and so sick that we can’t get up on our feet anymore. We literally give up .. Because we lost everything and we didn’t fight much for it.We lost our dreams and what kept us going was gone now .