Fake …..

Yes ! It’s all fake , our life is all fake , our family  our friends , and even  our smile … everything was fake . Everything was unreal.. nothing was true.

I would like to tell you the story of my best friend, and how her life was just not true. I thought she had a happy family , i thought that she had a loving brothers and sisters , i thought that she had a good education , and her ever lasting smile … that made everything around happy. It was all fake . She said it  to me , she said it so honestly that her family are not a loving one , that her brothers and sisters are not caring but only ruling and mean. That she never joined the college she wanted. That he parents are divorced , that there are always problems and yelling at home   . And that she was only smiling when she was crying from inside. All her life was lie  and she lied to everyone. She was sick and dying now,  the saddness that she felt anshed yet she was so unwanted and lost. I was not there for her and now is dying. When she looked at her life and that flashback started she saw nothing but tears , pain and  most of all loneliness. She was always so alone regardless of the number of people around her . No one ever understood her and no one ever held her when she was crying. No one stayed with her when she most needed one.

 When i looked at her life  now that i know all the truth .. it all seemed like one of the tragedies novel of Shakespears. It was killing me that i have nothing to do to save her and that she never lived any happiness in her life.  All she wanted is to live in peace and love.  She dreamt and never tried to wake up . Because only  in dreams we can see happiness. For life is so harsh and so painful. She had hope that kept her alive but that hope wasn’t even enough . The say hope give  us a way but i say it gives us nothing but words.  Hope never dies but we die eventually and it’s all over .

All she wanted was a loving parents and happy childhood ; instead it so bitter. She tired to forget her childhood and get a good education ; make a new start for better future . But it ended up badly and it never went right. She forget about all that & thought of finding the one true love , the man of her life.  She told me that she loved him truly and that he would change all her life to the best and with him she will try to build the family she never had and the happiness she never saw. Instead; he never exchanged that love with her.. and they were from two different worlds . He was rich handsome and was her teacher, whereas she  had nothing but  love to give and obviously nowadays this is not enough. I felt so sad for my friend , because i was never able to do anything for her.. I was never able to make things become happier or even better. Now that she is lying in the hospital and she’s telling me all about her life and how  miserable it was . It eats from inside. That sometimes even special people are just so unlucky.  No one was with her. But me the nurse, and i took care of her . She had no visitors . And absolutely no one . She told me since her childhood she was used to cry at night , crap her pillow so tightly and cry and cry . The only question she kept asking was ” Oh God ! why don’t you help me ” And she said never got any reply until today . She keeps crying at her bed , no one knows and no one knew.  She told me a funny thing which is notreally funny but it shows how sarcastic life might be . She said that in a moment she thought that she was a gifted kid and that she was so special but  as life went it proved her that she was only a cursed kid .

Yes ! Her life was all fake ! And yet she pretended to smile . Everything just goes in the wrong way . . Life gave her pain and by ending it – she was ending her pain. 

Fake ! Fake Fake ! We should wake up but what happens if we does . Whats next !!!!