Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

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By : Paulo Coelho


It is said that his books have touched the hearts of people everywhere, and so it is !!


The Alchemist , one of the most inspiring books ever . A book that teaches you how to cling on your dreams , on what you believe in , until you make it true. It simple says ” Don’t stop moving forward for nothing is impossible. “

The Alchemist , is written by the great Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho . It is a story of a young shepherd named Santiago that dreams one day about finding a treasure in the Egypt’s Pyramids . He meets and old king which shows him the way towards his treasure and tells him how he should follow his Personal Legend and to not be afraid of  what days behold for him . The young boy knew nothing best than his flock and now he had to give them away, all that he built and worked for all these years ; thus , start a mysterious journey to nowhere but a dream .

Therefore, he did ! , he sold his sheep, travelled to Africa and started his journey . In pursuing his dream he goes through many incidents from being robbed by a thief in Tangier , working in a crystal shop and meeting the Alchemist but most of all he meets his love, Fatima in the mid of the desert.

This book is a must- read and you will come to know that if you do not follow and find you Personal Legend in you life ; you are probably living aimlessly . People are always afraid of changing but it is the change,  the step, which means a lot in your life.

It’s a book about hope , dreams , faith and most of all courage  to pursue your path.

It teaches us how to trust our hearts and that when we move towards our dreams the world always wants us to find it and helps us to make it come true.