Someone else…

There are times that we think we found the love.. and that we are living it.. That we understand eachother so good.. We touch eachothers heart and we breathe together. We , even smile together and laugh together..  It’s love that we are living  .

But as it always says LOVE = respect + honesty + passion + commitment. Now ,  any change in those components  makes the whole equation to change. It won’t simply equal love….. 

Respect most of all plays an important role… without respect ;that your personality would force the person infront of you to repect you. No matter what there is between the two of you. Nothing is important if there is no respect .

It’s not a movie.. that you can do anything.. It’s  just our lives.. Don’t give second chances because they got it all. You were infront of them all the time and they mis-treated you. Love don’t mean to manipulate others.. Love don’t mean to make fun about those whom you love.

Always remember that the whole world is right infront you… and there will always be someone else who deserves you and who will treat you the way you deserve.