Here another year comes . 2009 is gone and became nothing but a history . A friend once told me :

” The 2009 book has now been closed, we cannot re-write it, but we can definitely read it and learn from our past history (Yes it is part of our History now!).

The first page of the 2010 book is waiting “

That book is closed now.. and i don’t wanna remember it . Yea its gone but with pain , with tearsthat won’t ever dry up. It was a hard time and hard days they left me scars that won’t heal . 2010 started and i couldn’t smile .But now i wanna do this in a different way . I want this year to be better , i want to accomplish more and gain myself back .

The year has already started and only God knows what it hides. Let’s just pray that it won’t carry more pain because i can’t take any more . And am not as strong as when this journey started. It took alot of me .

I hope this year brings me good surprises , I really wish that things change. I wish i find the love and the dreams that i have longed for.

Always and only ,


5 thoughts on “2010

  1. Yousif says:

    Things won’t change, unless we work to change them..

    Aim high young lady and be strong.. Have plans to achieve your goals, be organized and be hopeful.. What you aspire to, what you wish for, will find their way to you.. One day! It is called the law of attraction.. So.. Never give up..

    Keep smiling.. Keep writing

    P.S Scars are not meant to heal.. They will always be there to remind us to not fall and make the same mistakes again!

  2. cardiac-nurse says:

    im impressed to read these words… i totally agree with yousef… nothing gonna change unless the person decide to change… i also doent like to rely on chance in order to be changed… i think the better way to change is to initiate with honest heart

    thank you

    • hoope says:

      I don’t really mean relying on chances as much as taking the chance or snatching it …coz those could be the step to start a new way .

      Thanks alot Cardiac- nurse for the comment and for stepping by .

  3. Yousif says:

    Chances pass like clouds, so do not miss precious moments. Imam Ali (A.S)

    No matter how dark the night is, the sun will shine again in the morning! Be hopeful be happy and never give up

    T.C and keep writing

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