Would You Be Part Of Me ?

Would you be my Soul ?

Would be my eyes?

of which I see the world 

Would you share my life ?

and bring the joy within.

Would you teach me how to love?

With you by my side

Would you make me smile?

and brighten my days.

From darkness of saddness

and tears of the years.

For with you I lay my heart

And with you I want to die


Would you be part of me ?

Would you give a gentle touch to my life?

Would you  trust me with your love?


Believe me ,



4 thoughts on “Would You Be Part Of Me ?

  1. deepwellbridge says:

    Very touching poem. A slew of questions from one whose heart demands a single answer, but whose voice is too quite to speak openly.

  2. Priya says:

    Beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing it.

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