My Inspirer


It was a shock as I came home from work yesterday and they were telling me that Dr. Ibrahim Elfiky died!!  Knowing that he was not previously in a hospital or having a severe medical condition.  Tears immediately ran out of my eyes, but I hid them and I went to the bed !  Yes ! it’s the destiny and I will always pray for him just like everyone who loved him . But I can’t deny the fact that it really shocked me !


When I was about 12 years old I watched the first show for him;  LIFE IS HOPE  ( Alhaya Amal ). And ever since he lighted my life with that hope and he made me feel that am stranger than my circumstance & that I am capable of changing things around me . When I was sad I can remember his words and smile again . My smile became my power & I can’t deny that everyone I meet says ” You have a great smile !”  He made me that !  He had a deep faith in Allah & he a inspiring smile .He made us change , and think for a sec. of what we want most & of how we can become better someone.

The world mourns today ! It has lost a teacher , a soul and a hope has died ! He didn’t leave us and he can never ; because all that he thought us will always remain alive within us . All his words and books will remain alive within us . Not me nor the millions that he inspired & changed will ever forget you.

My inspirer you were and you will always be .

Rest in Peace Dr. Ibrahim Elfiky , Allah Yerhama we yaqfer laa




3 thoughts on “My Inspirer

  1. غانم says:

    شاهدته للمرة الأولى عام٢٠٠٢م على تلفزيون الكويت، ولكنني لم أتابع برامجه كثيرًا… لكنما ابتسامته الجميلة بقيت مصاحبة له وكأنها علامة تجارية يملك هو وحده امتيازها(:
    رحمه الله… حمدتُ الله حينما رأيت وقرأت تعليقات كثير من الشباب والشابات والرجال والنساء يترحمون عليه ويدعون له بالمغفرة.

    • hoope says:

      Allah yer7ama !
      Yea all the world mourns him & many people are sad for him ! This proves one thing that he was loved by everyone .

      Thx for stepping by 🙂

  2. Rabab Maher (^_^) رباب ماهر says:

    Allah Yirĥamu and inshā’Allah he’s granted Janat Al-Firdous (^_^).

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