Giving It All Away

Have you ever seen a smile of a poor when you give him a meal …. or the innocence of an orphan girl while you play with her… thankful eyes of a sick when you help him become better. They are only some small views of what you are capable of doing to change the life of people  or even bring  them the hope – that there is still something beautiful in the soul of the people. That beyond all these wars, conflicts , poverty , hatred , economic depression, diseases … among all that which is present on earth ; I still believe that a touch of kindness  can heal … and a soft word can do miracles.

People might have forgotten the poem that illustrates this image that I am talking about :

” Little drops of water,
Little grains of sand,
Make the mighty ocean
And the pleasant land.”


I think that life is all about how much we give not receive ..

How much we share ? and How much we care ?  Then only means a lot .  Then only we can see how happiness feels like .

We have to give it all away and then it will come back to us when we don’t expect it .





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