All By Myself


I was lately listening to a song for Celine Dion named by “All by myself ” and it brought to my mind how we might think that we can really stand alone by our own selves. That we can manage everything alone; that we don’t need anyone else; that we can be all by ourselves.

But we are wrong. But you are wrong . But I was wrong. I don’t want to cry alone.. i want someone to hug me and rub my tears away. I don’t want to get sick alone . I don’t want to be sad alone. And so do you !

So why do we keep rejecting people from entering our lives.. why do we keep making distance just because we don’t want to let anyone inside. Why do we don’t like sharing our fears and tears and even happiness with others . Why is it always hard to do so?

I don’t want to be all by myself. And no one does. But it sometimes happens though we are a reason for that but yet we hate it and when it time comes that we are left alone- We hate ourselves and we become so frustrated. It kills us from inside however , you can’t stop it . You can’t change the fact that you are by yourself.


Always ,


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