Something Is Missing

The feelings of emptiness . The feeling of something that’s wrong. When you look around and find everything is in it’s place and that everyone is carrying on their daily routine . Nevertheless, there is something wrong. All at once at that particular moment you feel that you got a big slap at your face. You know that there is something missing from your life , that you’re wasting your time when you have to do something else or be somewhere else.

Why there are always borders that stops us  from flying from going away? Why  things just can’t be spontaneous? Why can’t we stop dreaming and start acting ?




2 thoughts on “Something Is Missing

  1. xmuha says:

    I would call it, the monotony of the human affairs..

  2. erbdex says:

    From monotony does blossom creativity. Not a very bad thing, after-all. I too examined the topic in my own little way some time back. I call it ’emptiness’.
    Have a look:

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