If I were …

I have dreamed a dream that can’t be.. I have made my wish but no respond came. And here we are … and nothing can really happen . I dream of peace , of happiness and of  love.. however everything has its own expenses and these are quite expensive .

If Iwere a bird , I would fly away to the mountains… If I were a whale ,I would go deep in the oceans to die. If Iwere a star , I would burst to let other stars live and to set that bright seen in the horizon. If I were a Hope , I would give up for Faith to live. If  I were a dream , I would be true .  But it’s only if.. and if never gets us anywhere.



2 thoughts on “If I were …

  1. ladyraaz says:

    im speechless……u always use strong words…..by the way hw do u put them together 😉 keep it up sweeti….ur always the best 🙂

    • hoope says:

      I always tell the people that when we are full of undescribed emotions we can’t say them … but they marvelously come out in the paper when we write them. Ans i do !

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