Just some thoughts


Today , and as i was sitting alone looking through the window.. I cried , yes I cried. I felt so lonely and scared of everything. People that are near and very far at the same time. I hide my tears , I hide my fears and so alone here on my own . And nothing else matters because I wished if things were different though it not and it won’t. For no one understands and no ever cared.



6 thoughts on “Just some thoughts

  1. Yousif says:

    It is a scary world out there, isn’t it?!

    I wish you well Hoope. I am sure there are people who care.. I do!

    Started working yet?

    Be well ,
    Yousif 🙂

  2. Jake says:

    Dear, I am so sorry to hear you were so sad. I understand and feel the same way at times…

    Just focus on what is good and true, and you’ll have the strength to handle whatever happens. Just rely on yourself and God. And I care too.

    God’s always with you..

  3. xmuha says:

    Hmmn…Lack of intimacy, We, all, want to capture that feeling.. That continues, everlasting yearning of the human spirit, a home.. such a mysterious sense of safety and comfort.
    to attain self- affirmation, re-consolation, and positivity. I don’t know Hoope, I don’t know if that cosmetic power that governs the world, controls our lives too, I don’t know if it is all written in the stars of it is just old ladies fairy tales…
    I don’t know if those stories of happiness and happy endings that mom used to read for me are true or not…
    All I know, that Yes! I exist and one day I will be happy again. Because I remember, very well, That I was happy for once..

  4. Yousif says:

    If we think of life as a massive huge flower, a closed massive huge flower, and each person and his/her Family & Friends hold a petal and pull it open. It can look beautiful! Or we might tear it apart, so it looks dreadful!!

    Having said that, flowers have prickles. Many people focus on the prickles and miss the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful flower!
    Don’t let the prickles get you!

    Have a nice day
    Yousif 🙂

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