Beautiful Quotes on Happiness

It’s always right infront of us but we were blind from seeing it .

Hope you  like the following quotes .

And start looking inside your hearts .




2 thoughts on “Beautiful Quotes on Happiness

  1. xmuha says:

    Happiness for me is a conceptual notion. But however, I came to a conclusion that the simplest one is the happiest he/ she is. I like Mahmata Gandi’s quote. But I wonder.. what’s your real opinion about it?

    • hoope says:

      Its always the simple life and simple person who is happy… ! but the opposite is not always false.
      Ghandi life and acheivements always inspires me. And this quote is one form of how we should conduct our life. What i like about it is that once we think of something and we say it loud infront the whole world.. not only that but also achieve it and perform it .. then only we can be happy… Where as many people they dream and think alot.. but nothing accomplished . We should have dream and we set goal and we should join them together in peace .

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