Is it Friendship or Love ?

There are moments in our lives that we can’t hide our feelings. Situations that requires truth and courage. Moments that all you need to do is JUST SAY WHAT’S IN YOUR HEART. Don’t bother much about how things may go, but be happy that deep inside you said it.
We all have friends, close friends that we can’t imagine how our life would have been without them around. Close friendship is a very strong relationship and it lasts for a life time. He\ she is the one you go to when you’re sad. The one that carries all your burdens. The one that makes you smile, you laugh together, hang out together and enjoy together. You talk about everything; all types of secrets, your problems and even your love stories. But what happens when your friend tries to ruin your love story and your date. When your friend becomes jealous and they hide their feelings which are obviously more than friendship, you saw something intimate in their eyes.
There are such moments when friendship becomes love. But what I try to question in here is not the relation but what to do next. Are you going to say what’s in you heart?
You may consider not talking and just keep the silence for you don’t want to lose that friend or you may slowly step back and go away simply because you can’t that feeling of incapability anymore. Or you may say it and share with them the fact that you are in love and take the consequences whether good or bad.
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