Jacob’s Poem


You healed my heart
Though it was not torn
Thanks to you
I walked through a door into 
A world of light
You are an angel in my heart
and my love is a gentle prayer
Which wafts from my heart
It becomes a light and peace around me
So i know you care
and i trust u and love you
In your love, i found a perfect form…


By : Jacob Alex Ferguson

3 thoughts on “Jacob’s Poem

  1. Yousif says:

    Hello Hoope.. I “hoope” all is going well at your end?!
    That’s a lovely poem, isn’t it?
    Sometimes even un-torn hearts need to be healed!

    May you always be in/find light and peace

    Be well and do post your writings..

    Take care and keep smiling

    • hoope says:

      Hey Yousif ! It’s been a while.. well i haven’t posted much lately busy with studies..
      And infact that poem is a so special one.. It was dedicated to me that is why it means alot to me .

      I guess i will be fine and i have wrote many articles , didn’t get much time to type them though, hopefully soon .
      Thanks alot and best wishes .

  2. Kharee says:

    Hello Hoope… I hope you’re doin well.
    I love the poem… very simple yet every word has a deep meaning.
    Keep posting…
    Take care =)

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