Forever Lost


When your walking in the light , in hope for the life to come back once again .  When you are running so fast towards that thin light . When you living all your life for that only moment  . When you are lost and you got nothing to fight for but that little thing – that little thing that they call hope .  Now it’s gone .

They snatch it from me… they cut it right from my heart and took my heart with it . It’s gone , It’s gone , It’s gone  forever. And I will stay forever lost.

I swear I am not weak , I fought , and fought and took a deep breath when I was drowning to stand again. I smiled when I was dying . I stood up when I was about to fall and give up. I did the best I could  with the best effort I had ; but its gone …. It was all in vain . And I only lived my life in vain .

Alas! I don’t wish to go on anymore . Simply coz I know that what is ahead is just worst and worst .

I believed in values and hope. I believed in change and optimism . I believed in dream coming true when we work hard for it . I believed in future being better. All that is gone . And everything is over.

I gave hope and motive for the despair gave them all that I believed in and they fought with it . But now I am the one who lost it . Yes! I lost it .

Sunken in melancholy , without life , full of tears and pain. Full of failure. Yea ! here I am again . I lost it all . And nothing will change that.

This is the end of the story of hope.


Always and the only ,




3 thoughts on “Forever Lost

  1. very poetic, but upsetting as well. sadness breeds more sadness, desperation is hard to combat. especially at the breaking point.

  2. mk says:

    why being so sad nothing in life is worth being sad but i guess its the nature of peotic rigth ?

  3. Batty says:

    Ah no! Where’s the hope Hope? Rise up we all face difficulties in life, they’re there to make us stronger! So wipe away the pessimism and define your hopeful self.

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