Another Dream


We live and when we lose those who me we love we die .

We live and we when we lose our last chance we give up.

We live and when things goes wrong we feel upset


Yet ! my choice and so is everyone is to continue. Simply as that ; how about giving life another chance. We dream so deep and wish it so hard , however disappointments takes place.

Everyday when the sunsets we start a new dream, new wishes , new hopes for tomorrow. As if nothing happened before , as if we never got fell down .

This I call a deep struggling hope . We keep going on ; no matter what goes on. Long term goals , endless hope and an unknown future .

You know how strange it might get as you keep going on you r path. There is no place for ” Give Ups ” and so the only choice we have is to move forward . It’s never easy and I say so because I know what we lose in trying to achieve our dreams. We focus in our future and on that we forget to enjoy life we forget to love and we may lose our family because of some choices.


Now I lay down on the green grass at the midnight , staring at the bright stars. So dark and warm with the lights of the stars decorating the skies – the whole horizon in front of me. There I started again ..


Another dream and another life.

6 thoughts on “Another Dream

  1. DIANA says:

    روعة كلماتك
    تعبر عن احساسك المرهف ,عن شغفك بزراعة الامل اينما حللت
    مزيد من التوفيق عزيزتي اتمناه لك

  2. Hope says:

    well said Sis
    Never stop dreaming, never lose hope, cuz when u do, then u are no longer living ur life

  3. Yousif says:

    Hoope… We are the result of our previous decisions.. and we will become the result of our current and coming decisions.. Have many dreams but act wisely.. 🙂
    Keep writing, keep smiling..

    • hoope says:

      We make decisions that will be forever our choices….. Decisions that could be right or wrong…hope to make the right ones in my life……
      Thank you my inspirer 🙂

  4. kiki says:

    this is very good..I hv always admired your optimistic personality
    u’r one of a few ppl who dare to dream big..I’m glad I hv u as a friend, a really good friend 🙂

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