A  father I needed …


During my clinical day in the Chest hospital I had a patient who was about 54 years old . A good old man who had done a coronary bypass surgery and I took care of him as a nursing student . He asked me questions about my dad ; where he worked ? how old is he ? and then he said that your father must be proud of you . He asked for his number & wanted to talk to him but I said my father is not here and that he & mom separated. I could see he was sad for me , but  I smiled and changed the subject to his medication time . He told the nurse to put a bandage on  his wound though its suppose to be exposed ; he said that he don’t want his daughter to be frightened . Me & the nurse bandaged the wound .

Yea ! I have noticed in many of my patient that they care a lot of their daughters . I thought all the father are careless like my father . I thought all the fathers are like mine but I was wrong it seems that all fathers are loving & caring except mine.

For that particular moment I wished if I had a father to be proud of even if he is a loser , even if  he is not a doctor or hasn’t an important position . I would still be proud of him just because he’s my father. That moment when I stood in front of that patient I wished I had a father to talk about. I knew nothing about him ; can u imagine not knowing anything about your own dad.It might be stupid to say this but i still love him and if he comes back i would love to say ” Dad ! i love you .”  Though i want to question him alot of things but i won’t .. …. Well ! who cares as if i am gonn a see him ever again .

There are times that I cry badly and wish if I was like the rest of the girls. I was only 5 years when he left and I have few memories of him . But here it goes an grown up now, i am strong enought to face the life and i may not really need him around because i made my way through this hard life. There were tuff days and he wasn’t around ; so i guess i got use to it & i can work it out now.

And here comes the end ; once upon a time there was a young girl who wished to say “dad” .


9 thoughts on “Daddy

  1. Hope says:

    oh sweetie .. this must’ve been hard on u
    tell u what !! U should B proud of urslef
    U made it this far without him
    yes u do need him but what can u do .. some things r beyond ur control
    mayB it’s better 4 u that things turned this way .. who knows

    cheer up sis =]

  2. Yousif says:

    ” I thought all the fathers are like mine but I was wrong it seems that all fathers are loving & caring except mine”

    That’s not true.. There are good fathers as well as not so good fathers out there.. I am sure your father will be proud of you, even if he doesn’t/can’t/wouldn’t admit it.. But that’s not what I wanted to say..

    I am very impressed that you could work your way up to where you are having all those difficulties in your life. You are a strong clever young lady and You must have a great mom, too 🙂

    You reminded me of a novel I read/listen to (too busy to sit down and read so I listen to novels as audiobooks, I love my MP3 player for that!)

    It is called Daddy Long legs..

    ” wish if I was like the rest of the girls.”
    Why would you? You do not know what the rest of the girls are going through! Some might be in much worst position than you are!

    I once have read ” Listening to others problems makes you feel better about your life and feel how God is generous and merciful”

    I think that’s true..

    I will stop here, my comment is becoming longer than you post..

    Keep writing!

  3. Yousif says:

    Life does raise us, doesn’t it?!

    Sometime things just go on, sometimes we have to push them..

    Be well Hoope and keep smiling! 🙂

  4. cardiac-nurse says:

    you can be an excellent mother not for your kids but whole society 🙂

    • hoope says:

      Can you believe that my biggest fear in life is to fail as a mother.. ! and this is the first time i share this with anyone …

  5. Yousif says:

    We always fear the unknown hoope, don’t we?
    What do you do before you go for a test?
    Same here.. Be prepared.. But, that doesn’t mean it is going to be easy, it just means that you are more likely to have a better outcome!

    I talk too much don’t I?!! Ok I will stop blabbering!


    • hoope says:

      I guess you are right… i will just try to do the best .. to be a great parent !
      Thx alot Yousif for the advice, i will keep that in my mind !

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