Notes From Illusions – Part II



It’s an endless darkness . Sunk in melancholy nothing but pain within a grief .

How can days be so strange ? how can I be so desperate ? I thought I was hope , I thought was strong , but it’s really too hard to be strong .

Every where I turn to there’s only more troubles and disappointments .

Tomorrow never comes and no matter how we wait for it ; today is today and tomorrow is nothing but tomorrow . I thought I was a step away from it . It turned out to be illusions .  Created by my own inner brain .

It reached to a moment that I believed and lived all this illusions .

How could I be so silly ? how could I let life drag me ? Instead of I running my life ; I let life run me !!!

Weakness I feel all over my body , I can’t handle anything .

What about the sunrise ? the blue skies  . What makes me cry when I see that all ? I just can’t smile . Maybe coz deep inside I know that I can’t enjoy them . I can’t enjoy the beauty of life. Instead I see them all dark . My tears are of blood . My hope is in vain . I lived it all – I lived by myself.

Life stabbed me in my back . And I have no intention to be stabbed again . So I decided not to live , not to live again . And not hope

2 thoughts on “Notes From Illusions – Part II

  1. Yousif says:

    Do you remember your mission?

    Remember.. “YOU SHINE IN YOUR HEART”

    Stabbed in the back ha? I know how that feels.. I really do..
    It is good that you have decided, as I did, to not be stabbed again.. Though I decided to live and work to achieve my goals/aims.. My path was blocked by trees and giant rocks.. I decided to take a detour, even if that means it will take more time to get there, but I WILL get there at the end.. In sha Allah

    Be strong.. Know what your dreams/goals are, your real dreams and goals.. The ones that you really want/need to achieve and not just the ones that you say they are!

    Keep writing

  2. Faith says:

    hey hoope
    u have a very cute blog
    my 1st time here
    kel 3am w entay b5air yn3ad 3leech bel s7a w el3afya ya rb =)

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