Notes From Illusions

2223740828_ea9f4e5a6b   Part I  

For the past 20 years I kept asking myself this questions :

Where am I ? and who are they ?

And I came up with nothing !!!! I believe I was suppose to do it in this way…..


 I thought I was different in sort of , but being different doesn’t mean you’re special because I am not . I am weird and a freak in some way .

Nothing seems as it is. And knowing the truth is much better at least you can now expect the worst to come.

Life is not about finding happiness nor love nor family not even in the people around you. All that turn to be fake !!!!

What do we live for ? I sometimes wonder .

Days were passing , life was moving but nothing changes and I still didn’t know where am I ? I got sick of all this … can a human be like this !

What do I see is it true ? where am I ?

There are many unfinished things in my life that need to be settled . I have unfinished poems , a novel that I left unread, a song that I didn’t complete and a dream that was waiting to be accomplished but I guess that is too much to do . I started working on them but never really completed them . Maybe it’s time to take a deep breath.

Death  is near , I feel it conquering me  and not gonna be here any more ; maybe that is what it’s all about !

5 thoughts on “Notes From Illusions

  1. Rangini says:

    Doubts help us search for solutions. If we think we know everything, we stagnate. Unless we have a tendency to ‘awfulize’ everything and suffer the consequences, doubt in itself is not harmful.

  2. Faith says:

    Reading ur words was amusing keep up ;D

  3. Don says:

    Enjoy the lil things Hoope and leave tomorrow for the creator of tomorrow as u say … if u keep think about life and how it works.. u will just end up moving on circles

  4. Yousif says:

    You breath, your living and you are healthy.. Don’t look at what you don’t have, rather look at what you do have..
    No matter what the obstacles are, if there is a will, there is a way!

    Life is too short to be wasted in illusions.. Get up, dust your clothes off and start running!

    Keep your spirit up young lady!

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