Something’s Gone

crying anime

To start with , something beautiful died in me . Something’s gone and I don’t know if it will come back .


My life is going so random and everything is so jumped up side down. . My vision is a blurred one though it was clear. My will or other’s will; my dream or other’s dream ; my pain or other’s dream. Then the only answer to the was ; Is it my life or theirs ?

But the problem is that I didn’t even know any answer for that as well .

I only hid myself under the bed and kept crying ; thinking and thinking ; and kept crying and yet nothing changes.

It’s said that the one who don’t find love at home, he’ll never find it else where. And that which is not loved by his own family no one else will.

Life is all about experience about what to do and what to not ! About who to love and who to not !

Sometimes it just don’t snow and the dreams are far away. Sometimes my life aren’t that cool. What if we had the choice of everything in our life ? Maybe then things could have been easier.

I don’t know why am even living . I try to forget but I can’t and I try to forgive but its not enough. I try to hold on but it hurts a lot .


3 thoughts on “Something’s Gone

  1. cardiac-nurse says:

    something is gone but surely there are other things are eventually existed.

    i understand what you mean.

    all in all , we as individuals can shape our self, draw our ongoing life, we can make our selves in bad situations or in good situations

    what i mean.. its wrong to wait to have events that make us happy or sad.

    so we are the master of ourselves

    thank you for this reflection.. waiting for more

  2. Don says:

    what’s is ur mission !? how can u do ur complete ur mission if u can’t shine in ur own heart ?

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