A Friend We All Need …



We all need someone , someone to hear us , someone to talk to , someone to cry with us . There’s gotta be always someone .

There are times when we wish to have no one around . When we are so upset that we can’t even let a friend share . But have you ever wondered how selfish and mean you are by this act. Because you simply should know that this is not your problem alone ; that this not your own sorrow but your friend’s as well. While you try to keep your friend away , you don’t notice that your hurting them . They are going through the same pain . True friends won’t leave you and will keep knocking your door no matter how your shut it & say ” Go Away ! I don’t want to talk to anyone “ They stay and stay and wait until you calm down and start talking .


Maybe they can’t really change it or help out. But the fact that you shared with them will mean a lot to your friendship and maybe both of you can do find a way out. It’s all  about the values it carries.

” It is the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter. “~Marlene Dietrich

I was alone , I found books & papers my best friend. I kept distance from my friends . Until I realized that I really needed someone to hug me & talk to. As much as I got used to loneliness as much I can understand how dark it is to be alone. Walking in the darkness with a friend holding your hand is much better than walking in the light alone.

For all those who are alone ; there will come a time that you will badly wish to have a friend you can  trust with your life. But before finding a friend – try to be one .

Let those who are around you realize it and share your life . Let them share your happiness , your sadness , your problems , your tears……… let them share your dreams ad hopes too. Because life will be sweeter then. At least at that time you will know that there is someone out there worried about you and cares a lot.

Hard times proves who sticks around and so are friends if they don’t’ show up when you need then why say ” A friend in need is a friend indeed “.

Friendship is a complicated relationship  , it goes through a lot of hardships , changes and troubles . True friends manage to go through all that and yet they love each other and stay together. That’s what friendship is all about after all  ” To Stay Together Forever “


Dedicated to a dear friend of mine .


3 thoughts on “A Friend We All Need …

  1. Don says:

    the problem is … am inconsolable.. but i got to admit… a human being can’t wonder in the dark alone…

  2. Yousif says:

    You are a lucky lady.. It is great to have Friends that will make you write such a great post.

    “Walking in the darkness with a friend holding your hand is much better than walking in the light alone”

    True.. Very true.. I am glad my best friend/wife is holding my hand!

    • hoope says:

      Thank You Yousif for your comment , and am happy that you have a dear friend around you . Thats all what life is about -to have dear ones in it .

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