Trust In God

Sometimes we may want something badly , we might be convinced that this thing is right for us but it might not be so.

It could be something you want to buy. It could  be a person you loved. It could be a travel you wanted to go . But the destiny was there to stop it all and it didn’t happened as you wanted.

Don’t be sad for what has gone.. Co’z God knows what’s best for us and therefore best plans are awaiting you . Do trust Him .

With warm wishes ,



2 thoughts on “Trust In God

  1. Yousif says:

    Another great post here.. This versus is my signature in one of the forums that I participate in.. I have recently came across a hardship and I have been thinking.. Some people when faced with difficult times will say “trust God” and may recite this versus. However, what’s actually stopping them from getting what they want/need is probably that they are not really working for it, they are not honest in what they want/need.. God knows best, but he probably want us to be honest with ourselves and work to achieve our aims/goals.. Our real aims/goals, not just the ones we keep referring to, but the ones deep inside!
    Be well and keep writing

  2. SN~ says:

    I totally agree with you Arise, we just have to have some patience and everything will turn fine at the end ..

    Trust God always and forever ~

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