We doubt even ourselves in some times.

The challenges of life  ; the hardships of life ; the sorrow of life makes us not sure of what to do ? when to do ? and even how to do it ? How to live the days of  our life more peacefully and more happily . We have learnt alot in schools and yet we doubt how to handle things . Are we capable of doing it ???

There were times that i didn’t know who i am nor who i want to be . Other times i didn’t find myself.

Can life be more simple ? Can we be more clear about what we want ?

In this post i can’t be more optimistic as i always try to be …. beacuse i even began to doubt if i am an optimistic person.

When we, humans began to doubt things around us -we are beginning to lose them . Just like how Benjamin Franklin said ” When in doubt , don’t”

And when we doubt our abilities we give the doubt the strenght to get into everything.

We doubt our actions, we doubts our friends, we doubts our family , we doubt the ability of love and then we end up doubting ourselves.

So don’t let that happen to you . And when you doubt just don’t .


One thought on “Doubts

  1. Yousif says:

    Sometimes we doubt because we don’t understand!

    Sometimes we doubt because we don’t think!

    Sometimes we doubt because we don’t have patience for things to unfold!

    I have recently been saying “there are no enough hours in the day” and starting doubting my ability to achieve my goal.. It was only when I started repeating “no enough hours in the day” that I realized that I was doing something wrong.. And perhaps if I think/understand/work/be patient, I will probably clear those doubts…

    Be Well 🙂

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