Live Life

Live life as it comes, live each moment of it . And Make sure you live it happily coz when times pass you will notice that none of this deserved you to be angry about anything.

Life is a second, it passes really fast and without you even notice ; you might be dead.

Stop working , gathering money , running here and there and start caring for the people you love  . For the friends you never saw for a while . Start giving more time for your parents and children. People who always wanted you around and never found you there.

Below i will leave you with the following picture which i hope will inspire you.






2 thoughts on “Live Life

  1. cardiac-nurse says:

    hello arise… i like your works when you said.. start caring for people you love…

    yeh the life is going faster and faster without givin attension to the moments that we spent..

    i really wanna spent the rest of life with my mom…. she is the one who deserve that love and care 🙂

    • hoope says:

      Yea ! we need to spend more time with her, a friend of mine couple weeks ago has lost his mom .. i can’t say how hard it is ????

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