It happens so fast. It’s hard , it’s true and yet it Happens.

There are times in our life that things happens for no reason .  Well! Maybe there is a reason but we can’t see it . What matters is that we are hurt and it happened.

People die , people kill, others go without goodbye . This is how the circle of life goes. I can’t get it sometimes , why things have to be so cruel? Why life has to be so insensible!

I find no answers to many questions that are raised in my mind as they are gone.

The only fact is that they are gone and am left alone. And am all alone.


I wished if it could be much easier. I wished if I can cry hard but I can’t . I miss them , I miss them being in my life again. I miss having then around every day in my life. But its too late . And its not easy to deal with it . Its not easy for me to go through all this .

Would the sun ever rise ? Can I really go on in my life as if nothing happened ? As if I didn’t lose someone in my life. As if am alright !

We never chose this, we never thought of it being that hard, but somehow we knew that a day will come for departure. Goodbye is inevitable so is death . We will face it . The question is ; how strong and understanding you will be when it comes.

NOT  FAIR is not the right word to use but  DESTINY  is .


We grow up to know and understand how things really go. But when time comes we find ourselves kids again. Its hard but it happens.

Goodbye to you my trusted one. ! You gave me love and helped me find myself…

With love ,



One thought on “Goodbye

  1. sk says:

    true with what u said hardest thing is goodbye ive been there i lost some ppl in my lose for more than 6 years and i still miss them sometimes i just sit and talk tp there pic thinking there not or smell ther clothes to remmber them to feel them around thnxx alot for this great writing

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