It Takes You

It take a special smile to brighten up a day ,

It takes a warm and a tender touch to melt the hurt away.

It takes a willing hand to help in time of need ,

It takes a patient and caring heart indeed.

It takes a friendly hug to dry up all my tears,

It takes a strong shoulder to quiet all my tears.

It takes a gentle spirit to Bring peace and tranguility,

It takes time to very large dose of humility.

It takes someone that is faithful and true

hope you know by now



it takes u

4 thoughts on “It Takes You

  1. cardiac-nurse says:

    arise… i cant believe that you have written these words. when i read these words i can live in the meaning of them.. .flying to the imagination world… what a nice situation … i like it 🙂

  2. cardiac-nurse says:

    it takes someone to have a will to survive the life bye giving these emotions to others 🙂

  3. Danni says:

    i like this pic..
    it makes u realize.. while ur reading ths , n a special some1 pops in ur mind.. it couldnt have been said better!! 🙂
    thank u 4 sharing this hope

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