Wings Of Dreams


I flew in my thought

Away and dreamt

Saw myself flying

Touching the clouds

Singing with the bird

Suddenly, the past came by

Ruined my dreams

Broken are,

My wings of dreams


A past I forgot

A past of tears and separations

It  came over, made me cry

Like it always did

When I wanted it to vanish

Its always there

Causing me pain

Tearing me apart

Knowing that I can’t fly

Can’t dream


Broken are ,

My wings of dreams

One thought on “Wings Of Dreams

  1. cardiac-nurse says:

    marvellous … arise………….. so excited peom … feel the words are obiously describing what im in ! .. yes i believe life without pain in no worthy… if there is no pain in the life, so how could we create our concepts and work on it in order to have it ? this is absoulutly the dream … an entire dream between otehrs… it will provide us the hope to survive …only on the dream … one day might perfom it 🙂 ……. oh i dont what to say arise…. nothing to say… waiting for the days to learn more about ourselves 😉

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