Review:Honor Thyself by Danielle Steel




A 50 years old Carole Barber, an actress. Who losses her husband and stays out of site for a while in order to write the book she was working on, instead she finds herself going deep in her life and finding answers for her unanswered questions. Its strange how days pass by ? How we grow fast without even realizing ? Times that we didn’t capture. Chances we lost and hearts we broke and an endless sad love which ended no where. Carole tried figuring out all this.

She leaves to Paris, and there she tried finding her old love . As she reaches there, she becomes a victim of a terrorist attack . Falls in a coma and loses her memory.

Then comes the many people of her past whom she can’t recall. She gets glimpse of her memory and so finds answers of what she wanted. .

As we live we try to discover the self ? And determine what we really need from life ? What we are living for ?

This novel , somehow , gives us answers for all these questions.


Carole , who may not survive her head injury was now  struggling for her life . Jason her ex-husband , who is trying to make things right this time ; is there beside her as a dear friend. Her son Anthony and her daughter Chloe all grown ups now and have their own life. Her assistant Stevie , who was so helpful and was more than a friend. And her ex-love Matthieu who comes to regain all that he lost and to start all over again.

Answers which might have been in front of us. Right in our hearts . We couldn’t realize it . Maybe if we had lived  days as it comes , if we lived it with love with passion and appreciated it even more deeper than now things would have been different. This novel teaches us all that.

Honor Thyself reminds us not only honor but be proud of who we are and of what we did. To appreciate the people surrounding us ; friends , family and dear ones. Even if they did wrong  give them chances because deep inside we know that we love them and we can’t spend life blaming them. Danielle Steel tried to convey that message that “Living is about forgiving and forgetting , about sharing and loving”

We have to cherish each day as we live it .Moments makes our life , so , lets decorate them with happiness and not let past ruin it .

It’s  just  a  unique  novel  that  is worth  reading.


By : Hoope

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