I Surrender


Staring  out into the night . feeling so lonely . So still and quiet. The stars are hardly visible. What a moonless night it was !

And as I was looking tears fell from my eyes involuntary . I don’t know why but to some point I wouldn’t hide it any longer. I can’t take any of this.  I am not strong I never was. All I did was pretend to be so & lie to myself . Life is not as beautiful as they told me . It’s not an easy game , regardless that I followed all the instructions . Yet!  I couldn’t make through. I don’t belong here. I never did. All I was doing is to adjust and fit in. But myself I never changed. I can’t be what this world asks me to. My purity exceeds. And I chose to stop fighting . My life became nothing but an endless dream.

 Its always said that happiness lies for those who struggle , who suffer. I disagree ; Because there is no happiness waiting them at all. Nothing but more misery and disappointments

 The more I smile and try to find a way out . I fall down , I get up and climb the ladder again. When am too close ; a step away …….almost reached the door . A lighted door, my life , my dreams , my future and my happiness ; all were behind that door.

Unexpectedly , People pulled me down and thrown me away . Away from the last step. Somehow , I was back to where I started from.

I didn’t  cry then. All I knew is that I have to try again , never give up . People surprise us more that you can imagine and life always crushes you. I tried , tried and tired.


Now , staring our in that endless night I don’t know if it’s still me . But I cried heavily that it took my breath away . I Surrender.


It took my soul, it took HOPE out of me. Don’t want to lose anymore , in fact I lost everything  ; got nothing more to fight for. I Surrender.

One thought on “I Surrender

  1. cardiac-nurse says:

    ooooooooh arise… its so sorrowed words and feeling used in this article…. 😦

    anyway , i can see your expression…

    i can see the words are beating

    i can see the blood is running from the thoughts as if running in the arteries

    i can see the entire life and i can see the love of life…

    its really amazing article 🙂

    keep writing arise… you are so unique

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