Look At Yourself

What do you see when  you look at yourself  in the mirror?

Do you see a weak , firghten person.. trying to find something .. searching for something not knowing what….!

Or you see a smiling optimistic person who lives each day as it comes.. with love & hope.

However , its whatever you see .. is whatever you get.. Better make it good..

Let the picture below speak for itself.



One thought on “Look At Yourself

  1. cardiac-nurse says:

    ariseeeee…. its really brilliant idea….

    at least the individual can check his self and can see which face he or she has..

    its really important to stay and think privatly how the shape of your face can be reflected to in the miror!

    any way.. this is new concept for me… im gonna to work on it from now 🙂

    thnx alot
    see yaa

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