Big Dreams For A Small World



We dream from the moment that we are in our mother’s womb… we dream of getting out to life & living . We dream since we were born… we dream of touching the sky , we dream of flying with birds.. Though you may never have a dream come true but we dream.


It rains , its cloudy , its windy and its hard to look around yet we dream.

People say that we are our thoughts , our wishes & our dreams but why its difficult to see that . Why we always see a dark end in our dreams.. why we see things never coming true. Life is not always happy .. dreams are not always coming true. And we will never make it true.


Staring up at the stars, wondering if I can ever let it go , if I can ever let go all my tears. If I can ever be myself again.. Sometimes its really hard for tears to fall down .


You can’t live without a dream to give a push forward, without something to follow… without a goal in life. And who knows it may come true when you least expect it .

A dream for a better life for people who have been through a lot  , a dream of  having kids for a unfertile couples, a dream of passing exams for  hard working students. A dream of freedom for the prisoner; Yes ! we just dream and we let it all to the destiny. They show us the way and the path for our life , for what we want to be .

There is a quote that says” If you don’t have a dream , then how you’re gonna have a dream come true ” ; and somehow I agree.

Our dreams are two big for this small world, that is the reason behind it . We are all afraid of getting disappointed ; afraid of  the nightmares that we may already are having . Afraid of getting hurt while we are chasing an unknown dream.

And yet we dream , coz we have no choice but try. Its really so great when you see it come true , so great that you will forget all the hardships you have gone through .


Others can’t dream for us.. and no matter how it is to make it  , nothing is so hard as living aimlessly in life.   Dream deep and reach high . 



One thought on “Big Dreams For A Small World

  1. thawrat nafs says:

    hello arise… i m glad to read this article. it is really more than to say fantastic. actually, people never can be creative, productive, happy without having dream.. i read one time article describing the usefulleness of illusion in human life. it is really important to have time and draw for your self a dream through illusion.

    i ll pass your article againd because it is obviously on part of my illusion or it is the core of my plan 🙂

    thanks … see ya little doughter

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