My Review on” Sorry ” by Gail Jones







” She wants to sink somewhere , slowly to release , to  sleep . perchance to dream.”   




Ch:13  pg: 125      



A remarkable novel . ” SORRY “a word that means a lot , though sometimes its hard to say  . it has two aspects , which Jones tried to present through her novel.

One was the sorry that people felt for the young damaged girl; Perdita and her wrecked widow mother. That was a hard feeling that concealed deep in them. The pitiful eyes of the people around  in there small little town at western Australia .

The story takes place during the Second World War. When an English anthropologist ; Nicolas travels to Australia along with h is wife , whom was annoyed from the whole situation. ” Sorry “  a fiction , imagery… and with some political issues about how the aborigines were treated those days.


Jones presented that in a very tragedian poetic way, how a child’s innocence is stolen or just drifted away by things that were quite complicated .Was it because of her distant mean father , who treated her mother badly; or because of the mother whose far from her , lives her own Shakespearean poem . Or the murder of her father. Maybe the war that she had witnessed since the day she was born. Thus she never thought or even imagined that it might come to an end .

Among all that struggle to prove her existence in the world .Perdita meets Billy and Mary, an aborigines , with whom she has created a very strong bond ; a bond of friendship & family .That was somehow an introduction of the present of a better world. A world of happiness , a world of love , a world of sacrifice . A world that made our little Perdita realize that her life might eventually change .Regardless of what happened in the past , of her parents , of everything she might was. All at once she starts to get involved in the wheel of life , meeting doctor Oblov which helped her overcome her stutter .Living with a lovely foster family , outstanding in her studies. Trying to strengthen her fragile relation with her sick mother . All that seemed hard but was not impossible .Perdita changes the verses of her life .


Only then , she receives a letter said that Mary died. Her only sister & best friend passed away .She was shaken ; it was like a hard slap from life on her tiny face, a one she couldn’t take.

Now comes the second aspect of SORRY . when Perdita regrets not saying to her only sister Sorry!  because she had to give her freedom away & carry the burden that Perdita was to carry. She was the reason for that has happened to Mary.

To find out what was that , you have read the book.


I enjoyed reading this book , because every little page makes you interested in knowing what’s next. A novel that illustrated a lot about life , about hardships , about war ; what it takes with  it other than people’s life , and most of all about Friendship.

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