Have you ever…?


Have you ever thought of how things change very fast? Have you ever looked at yourself at the mirror and saw what others can’t see? Have you ever tired chasing something so hard and then realized that it’s nothing but an illusion ? Have you ever loved so deep, and to late you found out that it’s fake?

Have you ever thought that your darkness is your only light ? Have you ever felt that you are  so aimless ?

Have you ever thought of what can change us?

In our life we pass by many things , many incidents .Could be minor – like failing an exam which makes us work hard . Or major things – like being diagnosed with cancer which tells us what is it like to be healthy , or even falling in love and ends with a broken heart that leaves behind a lovely memories even if it didn’t work, or losing someone dear that reminds us that there is no such thing as eternity. Things that were able to make a change in the type of person you are . They were able to add to you.

What can inspire us ? In a moment that you least expect it….. something happens. Something touches our heart so softly , so gently.. and makes our mind aware of what it didn’t. What can be the reason ? I somehow believe that everything happens for a good reason behind it even if we hate it .It’s all planned and destiny guides us .Our inspirations differs from one to another. They can be a person , a book , an incident or even our lives. After all stories are what make history, and with the lapse of time we’ll all be history ; these days will be the past and now will only be then. Don’t think that you are the centre of the universe , that you are the sun and everything is rotating around you. But try to believe that we are all rotating in life and you’re never to be the sun . Life wants nothing from you but its us that need to live, that need to take what we want from living.

One thought on “Have you ever…?

  1. Kazeh says:

    Words of light.
    I really enjoyed reading this.
    Good job!

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