The Dawn

bsmlh_27861e0de2“The Darkest Hour Is that before the Dawn “

No matter how dark the night might be , the dawn will eventually come . No matter how wrong the are , something may happen that changes it.

You just have to keep believing in it . I agree with you , there are many hard days .There are many obstacles .But nothing is always the same . I understand how hard it is when dreams don’t come true. When sun never shines, when the only , only raining cloud , rains on you .When you keep on crying and there is no one to wipe your tears.
You always wake up every morning and put a fake smile on your face but one day will come that you no longer can put that fake smile. That your no longer can hide your tears, one day it will show how your face is so sad, how your eyes are full of tears . The miserable days you have been through , the pain you live in .
Yea ! you can’t always hide it .

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